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Startup Launch Accelerator

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Accelerating Early-Stage, Emory-Affiliated Startups

The Goizueta Business School, in collaboration with The Hatchery, Center for Innovation, offers a fast-paced, eight-week program focused on helping your startup achieve investment-readiness. Applications are open for the Spring 2024 cohort until January 18, 2024.

The program helps early-stage founders through a defined process that will allow teams to rapidly take their ideas and test them with customers to discard, change and build a business model to move the startup forward.  

This program has been very successful at helping teams discover reliable pathways to authentic demand in early customers. In almost all cases, teams attending the program achieve success by using the evidence-based tools and processes to recognize when to move away from ideas that don’t reveal demand from buyers/users.

Participation is open to entire Emory community including students, faculty, staff, and alumni; at least one Emory community member per team qualifies the entire team.

All team members will be required to attend on a weekly basis: up to two three-hour per night in-person sessions, present a weekly team update, and complete in-person, documented customer interviews. In addition, it is highly encouraged to meet with your SLA leader during posted office hours to discuss advancements of the business and progress of the founders.

The program will be held at Emory University, and is a collaboration among the Goizueta Business School and the Hatchery, Center for Innovation.

Please consider: This is a highly-interactive program that requires substantial time outside the classroom interacting with your potential buyers/users each week.

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Applications for the 2024 Spring cohort are closed.

Your team only needs one Emory community member to qualify the entire team for the program. The program is open to the entire Emory community to help build and enhance the Emory student/faculty/staff/alumni entrepreneurial spirit by helping create successful startups. 

This accelerator currently focuses only on for-profit startup ventures seeking investment readiness.  

Please apply as completing the application will help you focus your idea and move it from a napkin to a page and that will be helpful. We would love to hear from you. 

No, we don't take any ownership of IP or equity in the teams in the program.

No, we don't take any ownership of IP or equity in the teams in the program.

Yes, this program is free. Thanks, Goizueta!