Executive Women's Leadership Forum


In the Goizueta Executive Women’s Leadership Forum, you’ll examine the power of storytelling, develop a personal leadership narrative, and discover how you can leverage your own story to drive your organization’s culture, strategy, and direction.
  • Course Length

    Request information to be informed of the next scheduled program
  • Typical Class Size

    Women executives with 15+ years of experience
  • Course Investment

    Includes program residency, some meals, and networking and evening activities

How It Works

In this five-day, immersive, residential program, you’ll be surrounded by a network of your peers – successful women executives – who are looking to expand their leadership capacities and spearhead strategic initiatives in their organizations.
  • Define Your Story

    Explore methods for telling a good story, underscoring the power of narrative as a communication technique. Refine the skills you need to be present and authentic, speak with confidence, and utilize intentional communication as part of your strategic storytelling capabilities. Understand critical frameworks that will be used to define your vision for yourself, your team, and your organization.
  • Craft Your Story

    Better understand how to create and capture value for your organization and the role you play as a strategic leader in delivering value. Develop expertise in strategy mapping, and leading and engaging with high performing teams.
  • Tell Your Story

    Participate in a data-driven discussion on gender assertiveness and how to avoid the pitfalls associated with being an assertive leader. Explore emotional intelligence and its implication in effective leadership.
  • Evening Experiences

    Engage with your fellow participants at a kickoff reception, designed to prepare you for the forum. Spend an evening interacting with the Atlanta Master Chorale during a rehearsal to experience a high performing team in action.
  • Post-Program Activities

    • Three hours of one-on-one executive coaching along with the powerful Business DNA Assessment tool, to be scheduled at your convenience within a few weeks of the conclusion of the residential portion of the program. • A mid-year gathering to reenergize you and reconnect with your cohort. • Invitation to join the future Goiuzeta Executive Women's Leadership Forum kick-off receptions.

Learning Objectives

  • A Powerful Story

    Learn how your personal and professional narratives can influence culture, inspire action, and deliver results.
  • A Clear Direction

    Develop leadership and strategy narratives for yourself, your teams, and your organization.
  • A Powerful Network

    Enhance your professional network with contacts who understand your goals and can provide meaningful guidance and feedback.


Craft more persuasive messages, re-examine attitudes on assertiveness in a data-driven discussion on perception and gender, uncover how your organization operates, and create value for the business and for the role you play as a leader and strategic thinker.


Join your peers for our Goizueta Executive Women’s Leadership Forum and discover the role narrative plays in leading organizations and inspiring high-performing teams.


Helping Women Craft Their Leadership Stories

Karen Sedatole is the Goizueta Advisory Board Term Professor of Accounting. She’s an expert in executive compensation and performance measures, evaluation, and reward systems. Her articles have been published in leading industry journals, and twice, she’s been honored with The American Accounting Association Notable Contributions to Management Accounting Research Award.


In our forums, you will develop keen insight and build connections with leaders from around the country at Georgia’s only globally ranked Executive Education program.

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