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XMSBA Analytics Practicum


Real Data. Real Client. Guiding Business Toward Better Solutions.

The advanced data science skills you learn in the xMSBA program are put to the test in the Analytics Practicum. In a small team, you'll serve as a consultant working with real data from a real client to solve a real problem. Clients span verticals (healthcare, retail, online platforms, transportation, financial services) and functions (marketing, HR, operations, supply chain, etc.).

Serve as a Consultant. Deliver Results.

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Turning Analytics Into Insights

Overseen by our curriculum advisory board and your faculty, the business analytics practicum provides valuable, real-world experience within an environment of support and mentorship. The advanced business analytics skills and knowledge gained will be tested to the fullest as you work within a team to provide a viable business solution to a complicated business problem. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small startups and cross a range of industries. You’ll combine your client’s proprietary firm data with other public data, including social media streams and use the skills and techniques developed in the xMSBA program to devise a solution your client may implement.

Your Employer as Your Client

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Organizations that sponsor a group of xMSBA students will have the option of providing an Analytics Practicum project for them to work on. This enables you to work with existing work colleagues within the xMSBA program and solve a real business problem for your organization. Only existing employees of your organization will have access to its proprietary data. Not only will you build stronger working relationships with colleagues but you will also deliver valuable business solutions for your organization.

How It Works

You will work in a small team of student consultants, front-facing with a client, but supported by the xMSBA program managing director and faculty. You will learn strategy consulting methodologies for breaking problems down and synthesizing recommendations as well as how to manage clients and meetings. At the end of the semester, you will be able to deliver the three core deliverables of a data science project: technical (code, cleansed data), dashboard visualization (Tableau, ggplot), executive deck (business result).

MSBA/xMSBA Analytics Practicum
Student teams use the industry standard CRISP-DM methodology for data mining integrated with Goizueta's proprietary COMPASS methodology for consulting projects. Client teams provide one business and one technical resource to provide business context, problem clarification, and data support.

Become a Sponsor

Do you have a good business question with complex analytical requirement and rich, multi-source, accessible data? We may be able to help. Let's talk.

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