Susan Hamati
Executive MBA, 2022

Susan Hamati

Senior Manager, Commercialization at The Coca-Cola Company


As a full-time Coca-Cola employee, an operating board member in the Women’s LINC, Business Resource Group, a new mother to a puppy, and someone planning a wedding, there is no question Michigan native Susan Hamati has a full schedule. So, when she was trying to add schoolwork to the mix, she knew she would have to find a program to fit her schedule. “The Goizueta Business School EMBA program balanced my schedule. It was imperative for me to join a program that offered an in-person, inclusive environment while also providing a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere during the global pandemic. Impressively, they have not missed a beat.”

Susan sees the EMBA program as an opportunity to expand her knowledge, learn global practices, and expand her network across a multitude of industries. “This is a unique opportunity to stretch your mindset beyond what you may know and learn firsthand from professors and classmates’ diverse career backgrounds.”

Not only has Susan been able to grow her network with the help of Goizueta connecting her with various industry leaders, but she has also been able to utilize her own personal network to share opportunities with classmates by connecting others with leaders at the Coca-Cola Company.

“Immersing myself in the program and learning from my brilliant classmates and professors have significantly added the most value to my personal and professional growth. Each week, I sit in class and hear diverse perspectives from classmates that come from all walks of life, unique backgrounds, and professions. I appreciate that this moment is unique. In this moment I am learning something new.”

Through Goizueta’s leadership development, Susan has been able to evolve quickly as a leader while completing everyday responsibilities at Coca-Cola. “I have a stronger sense of confidence when influencing and storytelling through thoughtful research and better insights. I have broadened my foundation of learning through various case studies that put me in the shoes of the CEO. Making tough and important decisions for the business is inevitable, however constructing well-thought strategic decisions with the support of a diverse team is imperative to the best outcome.”

Susan has enjoyed the opportunity to build confidence in key skills, as well as get a better understanding of her personal and professional potential. “With the support of my professors, I am intrigued to learn a topic that I formerly was intimidated by.”