Scott Kagan Photo
MBA (One-Year), 2016

Scott Kagan

Technical Learning Lead, Synchrony
Financial Services


For a person who had held some type of job since the age of 14, the thought of going back to business school full-time was a little daunting. Instead of the part-time programs he was considering, Scott Kagan chose Goizueta’s full-time One-Year MBA. It was a leap of faith that has paid off well.

"The summer experience is like drinking from a firehose, but is so refreshing that you continue to go back for more anyway! I recommend embracing all that Goizueta has to offer early on and to learn as much as you can about your fellow classmates. Everyone comes from diverse backgrounds and brings unique perspectives when approached with the same problem; it is a great way to discover your own blind spots!"

With the core courses under his belt after the Summer Experience, Scott focused on taking an array of electives. Because he wanted a rotational leadership role post-MBA, Scott took classes such as managerial accounting, data, financial planning, and Six Sigma. He knew this knowledge and expanded skill set would demonstrate to prospective employers his willingness to stretch himself and learn about business from an enterprise-wide perspective.

The Career Management Center connected Scott to alumni and contacts at companies with the type of leadership training program he desired, more than 60 firms. He spent considerable time in the fall reaching out to each company. “I was so impressed with how eager and willing to help every single person I talked to was,” he says. He also met with the CMC every couple of weeks to polish his resume and interviewing skills — all to ensure he presented himself in the right way to each recruiter.

Scott’s classmates were invaluable resources too. Sharing information, tips, and encouragement, they helped each other prep for interviews, even when competing for the same job.

"I see my MBA as a pathway to round out my skills to make me a better leader when I re-enter the workforce. I initially looked exclusively at part-time programs as I had a difficult time picturing myself "removed" from my career. I chose the One-Year MBA based on my visit to Goizueta - the long history of success in an incredibly well-designed program are unparalleled, and it has turned out to be the best decision of my life!"

Despite his initial hesitation about leaving the workforce to pursue his MBA, Scott now says he couldn’t imagine earning his degree any other way. “Goizueta has a holistic program that really helps you see success.”