When Georgia-native Robert Brooks needed a jump start in life, he knew it was time to return to school. When Robert started researching MBA programs, he not only wanted to stay close to home, he wanted a relatively small school, which inevitably lead him to Goizueta’s Full-Time MBA. “I wanted to return to a corporate setting in a higher level than I was at prior to working at B&H Farms. I was hoping to gain hard skills in finance and other areas, while sharpening soft skills like leadership and public speaking.”

Leadership is a fundamental skill Goizueta teaches to all students that come through every program, helping empower students to feel confident in moving forward or starting a career. The Full-Time MBA enabled Robert to take the lead on several projects, pushing him outside of his comfort zone. “Business school presents you with a unique opportunity to fail in a safe environment. I have used that opportunity to practice both receiving and giving feedback. Being around so many incredibly talented individuals has allowed me to practice leadership among peers, rather than just leading people lower in the organization than I am.”

Robert’s peers have been a crucial part to his success while in the program, offering support and encouragement throughout his journey. “My core team really allowed me to realize my potential. Working with such a remarkable group of individuals exposed me to new ideas and ways to approach problems. I cannot stress enough how much impact my core team has had on me. Goizueta took a group of five very different people and made them family. I would not trade the experience for anything.”