Nicole Richardson wanted a One-Year MBA that understood social impact and social enterprise. Nicole says that she "got exactly the education she wanted in coming here" to learn sustainability management.

One major return of Goizueta's IMPACT Program, she says, has been to help her learn to leverage group dynamics. "With teammates who are engineers and people who have served in the military, the diversity of thought provides a real education as I observe my fellow students problem-solving."

Nicole chose to add to her IMPACT experience by completing an elective in operations and reports the benefit of deeper knowledge about sourcing and procurement. The program engendered confidence that she can help lead the next generation of sustainability managers, who will help their businesses understand sustainability's centrality to reputation and bottom line.

Before enrolling, Nicole held a variety of positions with farming nonprofits in Africa. She says, "For the foreseeable future, I want to work for a U.S. corporation that might be an end purchaser of what the farmers produce. I eventually want to help farmers develop more fruitful partnerships with businesses."

She is also grateful for having a Goizueta alumna as her mentor. "I know that I would not be as capable starting out without the experience I have had," says Nicole.