Jonathan Iacobelli
BBA/MSBA, 2018

Jonathan Iacobelli

Senior Data Scientis, BCG GAMMA


Like many Emory undergraduates, Jonathan pursued a double major; for him, the choices were mathematics and finance. “Yet,” Jonathan says, “I always saw my worlds as kind of separate—the quantitative versus applying it in a real-world situation.”

That is, until he became an MSBA student. The program, in Jonathan’s view, “married” the two things he most wanted to be adept at doing—solving business problems but doing so in a more quantitative and analytical manner.

He points to his capstone project as a major highlight. There is no substitute, in his view, for working with “real data from a real business.” As he describes it, “Sitting face to face with a client and being able to take a data science project from start to finish was an amazing experience.”