Jamie Traynor Photo
Evening MBA, 2014

Jamie Traynor

Director, PwC
Consulting Services


As Jamie progressed through her Evening MBA, she found herself interested in new facets of business, like consulting and marketing. Luckily, the program structure let her adjust her course load to fit her evolving interests, making it easy for her to choose new electives and explore new paths. “Goizueta provided me the opportunity to add to my experience through interesting electives that could expand my business knowledge into other areas."

"That's what I discovered when I decided I wanted to pursue a new MBA path - after starting at Goizueta. So I adjusted my electives in the second year to network and interview for roles in new areas. It'll take more time, but in the end I'll have not only a distinguished degree, but I'll be on my way to a career that is distinctly me."

Although she explored new interests, Jamie still graduated within the standard 32-month window; she now works at a leading consulting firm in a role that leverages both her new interests and her passion for managing human capital.