Evelyn is her own best motivator, always keeping an eye out for what her next challenge should be. A business undergraduate with a focus on marketing, Evelyn recently decided to broaden her career options by developing her skills in operations and strategy to pursue a career in consulting.

The position she took in the insurance industry after leaving college taught her a lot: how to learn from colleagues and be comfortable talking to executives as well as how to service clients and advance her company’s reputation. But she wanted to go beyond, to tap into the toolbox that an MBA would provide.

As Evelyn looked at schools, she found convincing indicators in Goizueta’s ranking and its record of employment for graduates.

Since starting the program, Evelyn has forged deep connections with the Career Management Center. “I work with two counselors,” she noted, “each of whom brings an important but different perspective.” She counts on their candid feedback following mock interviews, relies on their deep knowledge of potential employers, and seeks their help in leveraging alumni connections.

As she thinks about having her MBA in hand and a possible move to the West Coast, Evelyn is grateful for how much farther she now is on her career path.

“I am learning the operations strategies that companies are employing to compete in the evolving market and will be able to use that information in real time,” she says. “I want to be able to do things cross-functionally,” she notes, and then returns to her own best advice: “Don’t ever stop developing your path. Stay challenged.”