Angela Fusaro
Executive MBA, 2017

Angela Fusaro

Co-Founder, Physician 360



But that's just one of the superpowers Angela Fusaro 01C 17EMBA possesses. Saturday mornings are meant for eating cold leftovers and analyzing excel spreadsheets. Some may see it as unusual; she just can't get enough.

Fusaro's journey has been a long one with several turns along the way. She lived abroad in Guatemala and Honduras while working for Paramedics for Children. She taught high school physics and chemistry in California. She also attended New York Medical College, and specialized in Emergency Medicine, completing residency training at Carolinas Medical Center. She then returned to her alma mater at Emory University to obtain her Executive MBA at Goizueta Business School in 2017. The road led her to create an intense workshop called Insight to Innovation where Fusaro met the “Robs,” a meeting that would drastically change her career trajectory.

A dialogue about the state of Emergency Medicine and the concerns revolving around high deductibles, long wait times and the lack of telemedicine use with Dr. Rob Lapporte and Dr. Robert Rankins eventually developed into a company called Physician 360. Physician 360's mission is to empower patients by arming them with tools to diagnose and treat low-acuity medical conditions at home. Fusaro and the team designed and built a one-step Strep test they’ll eventually turn into an over-the-counter device for home use. The timeline involves finalizing a prototype with a goal to raise enough money to complete the human factors clinical trial needed for the FDA.

For her efforts, Fusaro was honored as one of the Best and Brightest Executive MBAs by industry website Poets&Quants for Executives. Fusaro juggled school, a full-time job and the start of Physician 360 until it became too challenging, driving her decision to quit her job to pursue Physician 360 full time. "I changed at the point it was too hard to be a committed full-time doctor and a full-time entrepreneur,” she said. “I don’t have a formula for when I figured out the right time. But what I did know is that if I continued as I had, the entrepreneurship endeavor was always going to be just a hobby.” Her road to entrepreneurship was not an easy one, but with all of the guiding principles from her past experiences and support from her Goizueta community, Fusaro lit her path to success.