MSBA, 2020

Adil Kumar

Data and Tech Director, Epic Kitchens


In addition to looking at the typical program features such as curriculum, rankings, recruiting success stories, faculty and alumni, Adil Kumar clearly knew what he wanted when he started researching analytics programs. “I wanted to expand my analytics expertise beyond what I worked on to advance myself professionally and also gain valuable business skills and network from a top business school like Goizueta.”

During his time in the MS in Business Analytics program, Kumar has been able to gain those business skills by handling regular course work while simultaneously working with real data, real-world complexities, as well as managing a team and handling client expectations. “During my time at Goizueta, I learned how to work with people from a variety of different cultural and educational backgrounds. Team-based projects showed me how to better leverage strengths and weaknesses in the team to drive collective team success. It also highlighted my potential and maturity in dealing with difficult/complex situations and successfully drive positive outcomes.”

Building his business skills and advancing his career didn’t stop in the classroom, however. The Career Management Center was instrumental in helping Kumar understand the kind of career path he should be following. CMC staff helped him refine his resume, conduct company-specific research and targeting, as well as offered interview preparation.

Kumar’s planning and hard work paid off when he started leveraging the large Goizueta network by reaching out to several alumni to learn about various opportunities to better chart his career path.

“I ended up getting my job through the MSBA program office sharing my resume with an alum, which is the best example of how the Goizueta network really helped achieve my professional goals.”