The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Peachtree Minority Venture Fund

A million-dollar venture capital fund Focused on empowering Black, LatinX, and Indigenous founders

Underrepresented founders receive less than 3% of US venture capital investment. The Peachtree Minority Venture Fund plays a vital role in expanding the venture landscape by funding ventures that empower minority founders.

Our Goals

  • Equity Investments

    Provide equity investments into businesses with underrepresented founders or that provide venture funding opportunities within underserved markets and provide these enterprises access to the unique resources available at Goizueta and its extended ecosystem.
  • Diversity of Perspectives

    Expose all students from a variety of racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds to the venture funding landscape with a focus on underrepresented founders and underserved venture markets.
  • Experiential Learning

    Create an experiential learning opportunity for Goizueta students to learn about venture capital investing by allowing students to make decisions about real businesses with real money.

Peachtree Minority Venture Fund

The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Student-Run Venture Capital Fund

Peachtree is the only student-run venture capital fund that focuses on equity investments into underrepresented founder ventures and ventures that expand venture funding for underrepresented business owners. Students source companies, conduct due diligence, and make investment recommendations to the Peachtree Investment Committee which is made up of Goizueta faculty, staff, and alumni. Peachtree was funded by the Goizueta Business School endowment and utilizes an “evergreen” structure, recycling all proceeds for reinvestment.

Equity Investments

PMVF 2023

Peachtree is a pre-seed and seed co-investment fund. We invest in equity with check sizes from $15,000-$50,000, dependent on a startup’s stage. Peachtree requires a lead investor and customary information rights as conditions of its investment.

Connect & Apply

If you would like to learn more about the Peachtree Minority Venture Fund, please contact us.

Student Roles

Peachtree Minority Venture Fund operates as a course through the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Students apply for a role in the fund and receive both technical venture capital investing training as well as a curriculum focused on underrepresented entrepreneurship and bias.

  • Set annual strategy for the Peachtree Minority Venture Fund (i.e., decide on meeting times, management team and analyst expectations, and goals for the year)
  • Lead and set agenda for monthly CEI Leadership meetings
  • Lead and set agenda for monthly fund meetings (MPs, SA, and analysts)
  • Represent Peachtree at external and internal events
  • Provide guidance for sourcing and due diligence questions
  • Communicate and uphold relationships with Advisory Board
  • Work with Advisory Board Chair on annual meeting planning
  • Create Public Annual Report

This group meets weekly. Managing partner areas include Chief Operating Officer, Head of Education/Curriculum, Marketing and Recruitment, Deal Sourcing and Portfolio Management

Senior Associates will lead teams of 2-3 analysts in deal sourcing and due diligence. As such, they will serve as the main point of contact for founders, lead company and market research efforts, and spearhead creation of presentation materials. The MP-Deal Sourcing will take the lead on sourcing deals, however Senior Associates are expected to assist in these efforts when possible.

  • Lead and organize due diligence with analyst team
    • Business analysis, industry thesis, competitive landscape, business/pricing model, and financial modeling / deal structuring
  • Assist in deal sourcing
    • Read/review business plans and pitch decks
    • Assess market/company attractiveness to help identify compelling businesses
    • Deal screening: call and/or meet with prospects, evaluate opportunities
    • Documentation: summarize call notes, enter deals into CRM
    • Attend networking/entrepreneurship (particularly URM entrepreneur) events
  • Help MP-Deal Sourcing maintain deal pipeline database
  • Help MP-Deal Sourcing ensure that all information on current and potential investments is updated on a regular basis.
  • Create regular and ad hoc reports for MPs on sourcing and diligence efforts
  • Meet weekly with analyst team
  • Meet monthly with COO and other MPs to discuss sourcing and diligence progress
  • Lead team in presenting potential deals in monthly fund meeting
  • Assist as needed with fund marketing and events

Analyst work on teams of 2-3 to analyze potential investments and conduct due diligence

  • Gather information from the target company and industry experts
  • Research and talk to existing references and customers of the target company
  • Research potential competitors to the target company
  • Conduct background checks on the current management of the target company
  • Perform valuation analysis via modelling
  • Help preparing internal investment memos
  • Meet weekly with analyst team
  • Present potential deals in monthly fund meeting
  • Assist as needed with fund marketing and events

Student Fund Managers

Student Cohort


  • Ankita Acharya, BBA
  • Samuel Bailey, EvMBA
  • Chase Bullen, MBA
  • Shenise Cox  EvMBA
  • Eric Dalton, EvMBA
  • Henry Fumbah, EvMBA
  • Pouchy Guerrier, MBA
  • Michael Gernat, EvMBA
  • Tblets Gebremedhin , EvMBA
  • Jay Malepati , EvMBA
  • Molly McDonald, EvMBA
  • Arnav Mohanty, EvMBA
  • Gabrielle Skorey, MBA
  • Kosi Udochukwu , BBA
  • Parth Thakkar , MBA
  • Vedant Tiwary, MBA
  • Serena Ye, BBA

Advisory Board

Academic & Investment Committee