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In this engaging live, online learning experience, you will learn how to integrate the elements of design thinking into a process of visual representation to develop strategies, present them powerfully, and create a clear communications plan for building adoption up, down, and across your organization. You will also learn how to be agile in the current crisis to stabilize current and generate new revenues, maximize your talent capabilities, and enhance your brand value while you mitigate risk.
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How It Works

The Strategy Visualization online course focuses on new skills and tools and explores how design principles can support both strategy development and implementation in a virtual world. Discover how digital tools can help you take strategy concepts from rough to ready through an iterative process emphasizing progress over perfection. Learn to use visual storytelling, culture and empathy maps, and value-proposition design to build stakeholder engagement. This course applies to the Certificate of Excellence in Business, Business Analytics Certificate, and the Strategy & Innovation Certificate.
  • Strategy Visualization
    Learn how to achieve greater buy-in by demonstrating your strategy’s real impact and value in a way that’s simple, clear, and visually arresting.
  • Agile Alignment
    Remote team leaders need mission-critical strategy alignment to harness the full capability of remote teams. Learn how to to more effectively delegate responsibility, improve team productivity, and mitigate risks (e.g., stop misalignment from happening).
  • Storytelling in Crisis
    The unprecedented speed of this global pandemic is creating organizational shock and uncertainty. There is no playbook for our current market dynamics and COVID-19 is an impetus to reimagine, reinvent, and reinvigorate the next version of your business model.

Learning Objectives

  • A Compelling Roadmap

    Build a clear path for strategy implementation that engages stakeholders across your organization.
  • A Design Foundation

    Explore the role that visuals and design play in creating deeper understanding and generating excitement.
  • Greater Buy-in

    Use the power of visual storytelling to show the road to results and generate broad approval.


Learn how to use design and visuals to get your strategies green-lighted with our online short course in Strategy Visualization.

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