In an increasingly diverse workplace, every individual offers a unique contribution. Organizational Excellence Through Diversity shows you how to raise your organization’s effectiveness by fostering inclusivity and tapping into the power of multiple perspectives. By doing so, you can attract top talent, empower employees to perform at their highest levels, and drive business results.
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This three-day short course helps executives, managers, and team leaders capture the benefits of diversity to enhance organizational effectiveness and innovation. This course applies to the C-Suite Certificate with a concentration in Change Management and qualifies as an elective for the C-Suite and Advanced Certificates, and the Roberto C. Goizueta Certificate.

Course Takeaways

  • Leverage Diversity

    Build empathy, understanding, and awareness of the value of diversity through action-based Fear+less Dialogues™ hosted by the Center for Civil & Human Rights.
  • Enhance Engagement

    Learn how to build employee engagement through a culture of inclusivity and empowerment that inspires loyalty, retains top talent, and amplifies performance.
  • Build Effective Teams

    Develop a concrete plan for incorporating new skills, methodology, and hiring practices into your organization’s context.


Explore how the many ways multi-perspective collaboration raises organizational effectiveness both internally and with external audiences. Learn the value of social capital, the impact of unconscious bias, and how to quickly adapt your communication style to amplify performance.


Learn how to optimize your organization’s performance with a short course on the power of diversity.


Andrea Hershatter

Sharing the Power of Diversity

In her research, Andrea Hershatter focuses on creativity and innovation, passions she combines with a strong interest in popular culture and music. She consults with corporations and academia on the Millennial generation and is a frequent presenter on the topics of entrepreneurship, generational attitudes and perceptions, and management education.

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