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Through a curriculum infusing principled leadership, experiential learning, international travel, and a diverse business perspective at every turn -- our world-class programs produce dynamic students ready to lead from the get-go. You won't waste time getting them up to speed -- they've already learned by doing on the way to their degree. They've earned their way through hands-on experiences and excelled through leadership opportunities within our very focused and collaborative community. As a recruiter, we invite you to become part of this. Engage Goizueta students and graduates directly and you'll see for yourself -- the bright and talented individuals from all over the world who can help take your organization to new heights.

Recruit Undergraduate BBAs

Image for Recruit Undergraduate BBAs Consistently ranked in the Top 10 by Bloomberg Businessweek, our BBA Program is recognized for developing keen business skills in our students and preparing them for futures in an assortment of business functions. Our graduates are recruited by top companies throughout the nation and applauded for their level of preparedness to take on responsibility within organizations. Opportunities to engage with our BBA population are available throughout the year and can easily fit into your recruitment strategy.

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Recruit MBAs

Image for Recruit MBAs Goizueta MBAs are among the most sought after by top companies, as exemplified by our consistent Top 5 ranking for Employment. Our Full-Time, Evening, and Executive MBA Programs attract the most high caliber students and produce individuals ready to make an immediate impact in business and in life. A Goizueta MBA equips students with extensive business acumen, refined leadership skills, and the ability to address complex and ambiguous business challenges. Learn more about recruiting MBAs at Goizueta.

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Recruit Alumni

Image for Recruit Alumni Alumni of Goizueta Business School not only have the added knowledge gain during their time as students, but they also possess valuable real world experiences garnered through experiential components of our curriculum, internship opportunities and prior and post MBA work experiences. This combination of impactful background elements, make our over 17,000 alumni top hiring candidates. Whether you are looking to hire BBA, MBA or PhD alumni, there are many ways to access and connect with them.

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