Sean Go Photo
MBA (Two-Year)/Juris Master in Law, Double Masters Degree, 2019

Sean Go

Founding Partner and COO, Marto-HG Digital Asset Group


Multiples seem to be Sean’s specialty. After graduating from UC–Berkeley as an undergraduate triple major in business administration, economics, and geography, he worked in a technical finance role at Ernst and Young in San Francisco. At Goizueta, he’s enrolled in a joint degree program with the School of Law working toward an MBA/JM. He has founded not one but two start-ups. The first specializes in master’s degree and job-application coaching for international students interested in studying in the US, UK, and Hong Kong. The second, founded with his brother and friends, is a cryptocurrency hedge fund.

“As an international student from the Philippines, I have been profoundly affected for the better through education and professional experiences,” he says. He wants to make sure others have access to quality education too. Sean credits Goizueta’s Career Management Center (CMC) with helping him decide whether to follow a conventional career path or become a full-time entrepreneur. “The CMC helped me solidify my conviction that entrepreneurship was ultimately a better path for me, and I am very thankful that they encouraged me to follow a more unorthodox career path.”

Although he was not yet an SOB (student of Benn), Goizueta professor Benn Konsynski advised him informally during open office hours. Sean lauds Konsynski’s kindness and willingness to help, adding, “It’s no wonder he has a strong following among his former students at Emory and at Harvard.” Sean has found in Goizueta’s curriculum, faculty, and staff the multipliers he needs to launch his budding businesses to stratospheric heights.