Sean Go Photo
MBA/JM, 2019

Sean Go

Founding Partner and COO, Marto-HG Digital Asset Group


After graduating from UC–Berkeley as an undergraduate triple major in business administration, economics, and geography, he worked in a technical finance role at Ernst and Young in San Francisco. At Goizueta, he’s enrolled in a joint degree program with the School of Law working toward an MBA/JM. He has founded not one but two start-ups. The first specializes in master’s degree and job-application coaching for international students interested in studying in the US, UK, and Hong Kong. The second, founded with his brother and friends, is a cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Sean credits Goizueta’s Career Management Center (CMC) with helping him decide whether to follow a conventional career path or become a full-time entrepreneur. “The CMC helped me solidify my conviction that entrepreneurship was ultimately a better path for me, and I am very thankful that they encouraged me to follow a more unorthodox career path.” Sean has found in Goizueta’s curriculum, faculty, and staff the multipliers he needs to launch his budding businesses to stratospheric heights.