Rajin Chauhan
Evening MBA, 2017

Rajin Chauhan

Internal Strategy & Operations Consultant, Emerson


Rajin Chauhan saw a way to maximize each day in a career he loves. By joining the Evening MBA, he could focus on daily tactical decisions as production operations leader at Lockheed Martin while exploring strategic issues in class at night.

Though Rajin had intended to stay with Lockheed, he wanted to take advantage of on-campus recruiting through the Graduate Career Management Center, noting, “I knew it would give me insight into companies, make connections, and brush up my interview skills.”

Discussion with Graduate Career Management Center staff identified a key interest for Rajin: companies with MBA leadership programs. He had completed a leadership program at Lockheed and reaped the benefit of rotating to different business units while expanding his visibility.

At a CMC event, Rajin met a Goizueta alumna who was recruiting for Emerson’s Perfect Execution team. He got the job, which entails engaging with business units on a global scale.

From being ready in his interview, when phase-gate design came up and he could speak about it, to his now-daily responsibilities, Rajin asserts that his Evening MBA “is absolutely critical to my position.”