Rachel Klein
BBA, 2019

Rachel Klein

Investment Banking Analyst, PJT Partners


Rachel’s interest in finance started early: Her father worked in investment banking and her mother in wealth advisory. Naturally curious, she constantly asked her parents questions about their careers. Her curiosity continued when she came to Emory. During her first semester, she joined the Goizueta Investment Management Group, the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and Goizueta Women in Finance. “I was able to have conversations with older members who had just completed internships in various areas of finance. Their experiences were appealing to me, and I was intrigued by the challenges their roles as analysts presented. After those conversations, I definitively decided I wanted to concentrate in finance.”

After benefiting from the wisdom of those who had gone before her, Rachel wanted the same for her classmates interested in finance. She created the first Executive Women Conference for the Goizueta Women in Finance club.

Rachel knew her focus, but she wanted the flexibility to explore other academic areas without the constraint of choosing a particular concentration. Instead, she took a variety of courses that stimulated her intellectual curiosity. Her classes dealt with subjects like psychology, sociology, linguistics, history, poetry, death and dying and social enterprise. She also traveled to Sydney, Australia to study at the University of Sydney.

Staying active on campus and utilizing the BBA Career Management Center helped Rachel prepare for life after graduation. “The organizations I'm a part of have grown my network and enabled me to meet numerous mentors who've been instrumental in my academic pursuits and professional achievements. The CMC is a resource that has provided invaluable help to me as I navigated my professional career.”

Upon graduation, Rachel joined PJT Partners as an investment banking analyst.