“It’s time for an upgrade,” Nikhil said. He was talking about his career. He had completed his MBA in 2008 and worked successfully for a decade in supply chain and operations management. But analytics was calling, and here’s why. He understood that mastering big data is how businesses of today grow and get better.

Nikhil believes that “analytics is a field that sits on top of anything else that you do. On top of supply chain. On top of marketing or finance. That feature of analytics is what attracted me to it.”

For Nikhil, it was important to pursue an MSBA program housed in a top-notch business school. He recognized that the key is not just gaining the techniques and skills but, additionally, knowing how to apply them.

Of his time at Goizueta, Nikhil says, “The experience taught me the skills—definitely. More than that, it gave me the confidence that even if I don’t  know how to get there, I can figure it out.”