Matthew Cessna Photo
EvMBA, 2017

Matthew Cessna

Merchant, The Home Depot
Retailing & Wholesaling


With an accounting and finance background that had served him well, Matt was ready for new opportunities. So when a new position required him to have wider breadth of business knowledge, he knew Goizueta would help him deliver.

"In my current job, I need to understand all aspects of the business and how they interact. So I designed my Evening MBA to include a diverse set of electives in topics like Six Sigma, Sales and Business Development, and Competitive Advantage. This exposure helped me develop a high-level view and context for making quality decisions."

By taking a variety of electives, Matt was able to identify large-scale opportunities that would benefit his company — and his business perspective even more.

"MBAs are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace and I see the Evening MBA as a way to differentiate myself from other full-time MBA candidates due to the two years of work experience that I did not sacrifice to pursue the degree. My belief is that the real-world experience at this stage of my career is too important to forego and the Evening MBA enables me to get the best of both worlds! The opportunity to concurrently drive forward in my career during the day at work and expand my skillset at night in the classroom is extremely valuable."