For Kwaku Danso-Manu, Goizueta’s MS in Business Analytics made his dream come true. “It had always been a personal and professional goal of mine to work in Silicon Valley and in tech specifically.” That dream became a reality when he accepted a role as a data scientist with Visa after graduating from Goizueta in 2019.

Kwaku was looking to broaden his scope of work when he decided to pursue an MS in Business Analytics. He had worked as an engineer and business analyst, and while he enjoyed both, he didn’t want to be limited to either.

“The field of data science provided the perfect cocktail to leverage skills in both areas and allow me to work on and solve problems from inception to completion being involved in all phases of any given project.”

It was important to Kwaku not to spend too much time away from his career, which is one of the reasons he was drawn to Goizueta’s 10-month master’s in business analytics program. “It was important to me to get this degree in a top-tier business school to improve and develop my business acumen and learn from renowned professors with a diverse background and industry knowledge. Additionally, I specifically looked for program lengths that were a year or year and a half maximum, and this program ticked all those boxes.”

In addition to the diverse industry knowledge faculty brought to the classroom, Kwaku was impressed by the diverse academic backgrounds of his classmates that he says “enriched class discussions and broadened the lenses through with I approach problems.” The classroom experience — from client projects to the case study approach in several classes — pushes students to think critically, become versatile problem solvers, and to apply the lessons they are learning in real life scenarios.

“Goizueta encourages intellectual freedom and independent thinking. They teach you to think outside of the box, which has enabled me to stand out and challenge the status quo in my professional life.”

Kwaku credits the strong alumni network and career resources for his professional development and in helping make his Silicon Valley dream come true. “The Goizueta alumni network was instrumental in my professional development, mentors, interview preparation, recommendations, connections, and just an overall sense that there are no limits to my potential and how far a Goizueta degree can take me.”