Katie Hamilton Photo
Evening MBA, 2016

Katie Hamilton

Staffing and Career Development Manager, The Boston Consulting Group
Consulting Services


The Emory name creates immeasurable opportunities. With a challenging curriculum and a high standard of excellence, you will get the best career results with a Goizueta education because our programs are valued by recruiters worldwide. "The curriculum is challenging and the bar at Emory is high. GBS students are willing to work hard and take risks, but not at the expense of their own dreams and desires. I think all of those things are recognized and valued by employers and recruiters."

When you have a Goizueta MBA, people around you immediately will understand, recognize, and respect the challenges that come with working full-time and going to school at night. For Katie, not only did her MBA give her the tools and knowledge she needed to stand out at work; it also gave her an added level of credibility with her fellow teammates and executives. With the Emory name behind her, we are confident Katie will make a big impact in her career.

"Make it big — and make a big impact. That's what led me to Goizueta. I've grown my network of women like me who are expanding our reach thanks to the support we receive from our cohort and broader Goizueta Business School community."