Kamal Jumani Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2019

Kamal Jumani

Senior Consultant- Advisory Services, EY


A senior financial analyst prior to attending Goizueta, Kamal gained valuable knowledge in that field and honed important traits such as perseverance and teamwork. But he wanted something more. “I really enjoyed the roles I had been in but most of them were tactical and involved very little social interaction,” he says. “I wanted to transition to a role that was better suited to my personality and involved greater social interaction.”

At Goizueta, he looked to the MBA program office and Career Management Center (CMC) to help him transition to a broader role.

The program office gave great guidance in mapping out course schedules, he says, and particularly excelled in educating students about international opportunities such as mid-semester modules or exchange programs.

“Coming into my MBA, I was still undecided between multiple career options. The CMC helped me explore my options and gain some focus on what I wanted to do,” says Kamal.

His CMC advisers challenged Kamal to narrow his focus and truly understand what field he wanted to enter based on his personal and professional goals. Once he decided on marketing strategy as the role he wanted to pursue, and technology the business area in which he wanted to work, the CMC helped him tailor his resume and create a target list of companies on which he could focus his recruitment efforts.

He landed an internship in marketing strategy with Microsoft, where he will be working with other businesses to help them realize the value of using the company’s products and services. For Kamal, the right guidance, the right tools, and the right school did the trick.