Julia Andrle has been involved with Emory's MAC since its inaugural conference. She’s participated as a speaker, attendee, sponsor, and now Alumni Board member. Julia says the Emory MAC has been an amazing resource! She’s learned so much from the professionals and faculty who present at the conference each year. Equally important, she’s met many other analytics practitioners who she collaborates with long after the conference is done. In a field like marketing analytics that is relatively new and constantly evolving, the MAC has been an invaluable way for her to connect with the analytics community and share best practices. Emory's MAC was instrumental for Julia as she built the marketing analytics practice at Chick-fil-A headquarters and she later started her own analytics consultancy, Logosphere. Julia says she’s very grateful for the skills she’s developed and people she’s met through the MAC.

In the future, Julia envisions Emory MAC growing far beyond the annual conference. It could facilitate informal gatherings throughout the year for marketing analytics professionals and faculty to network and share best practices. It could keep practitioners abreast of the latest analytics trends through a newsletter or mini-lectures throughout the year. There is such a need for collaboration in this space. Emory MAC is well positioned to be the hub that brings everyone together.