Clare Carmody Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2019

Clare Carmody

Director of Experience, Geronimo Solutions


Following completion of her undergraduate degree, Clare pursued international business development and market research in the hospitality and travel industry, gaining extensive knowledge of international markets, specifically China. She came to a point where she felt that she had advanced in her nonprofit career as much as she could and sought greater challenge. Says Clare, “I decided to take a corporate path and needed the skills from an MBA to get me there.”

The admission process at Goizueta was Clare’s first indication that she had chosen wisely. In contrast to how other schools structure the self-identification process for students, notes Clare, “Goizueta truly wanted to know who I was as a person. The essay questions allowed me to reveal life experiences that make me unique, things that I would be able to contribute to the classroom as well as the community. The questions communicated that Goizueta cared — not just about my scores, but about me.”

As she was considering applying, Clare was able to attend Insight Day. Held a few times a year, it includes a class with current Goizueta MBA students, an information session with admissions and career staff, lunch and tour of the school with a student ambassador, and the option to conduct your admission interview. Clare sat in on a marketing class where the discussion revolved around a new brand introduction of Unilever detergent in Brazil. Having had previous experience working in Brazil, Clare says, "The experience made me feel like an actual student and gave me a taste for what MBA life would be like at Goizueta.”

And, indeed, marketing classes remain a strong interest for Clare. At her previous organizations, marketing had seemed less strategic, less data-based, and more the vision of her leader at the time. By contrast, in her classes at Goizeuta she is getting all the building blocks of an objective approach to marketing.

Clare wants to stay both in hospitality and in Atlanta following her degree. To that end, an alumna mentor was able to open doors at Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). Two weeks later, she accepted an offer for a summer internship. Says Clare, “I am very excited about the opportunity; the experience will lead me one step closer to my goal of accepting a full-time role.”

Clare now can attest that what she saw in previews was real: the power of the Goizueta community. It is a vibrant network, and when tapped, people respond — warmly, enthusiastically. As Clare describes it, “When I reach out to a classmate for help, I get a response without hesitation. Same with an alum. Goizueta is a place where everyone wants to contribute to our collective success. It’s special in that way.”