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John R. Lewis Case Competition


Sponsorship Opportunities

By engaging tomorrow’s leaders, competition sponsors will gain new, actionable perspectives on immediate and long-term planning to improve and build their commitment to racial equality and justice. The most valuable asset for any firm is its talent, and the John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition offers firms just that: a recruiting pipeline and visibility with top undergraduate and graduate programs nationally.

Why Sponsor?

  • Actionable Plans

    Receive four actionable and well researched recommendations for how your corporation can be a part of solving issues of systemic racism.
  • Talent Access

    Access a diversity of talent from top business programs who are interested in racial justice in business.
  • Unique Partnership

    Support your racial equality efforts through a unique partnership with a university based racial justice and equity initiative.
  • Brand Visibility

    Gain prominent exposure in the media and on all marketing materials, including competition website, to universities, students, judges, media, and other partners.


  • A commitment to change. This competition is about action and will remain true to its mission. 
  • Allow four student teams to conduct primary and secondary research exploring ways your company can best address issues of racial justice and inequality. 
  • Provide up to two executive-level judges for the semifinal and final rounds of the competition. 
  • Supply delegate(s) to meet with semifinalist teams for one hour to answer questions and further explain your company's situation and goals. 
  • Provide the following documents to assist the student teams in their projects: A detailed problem statement for the semifinalists to address, a welcome message or video from an executive for the semifinalist teams, and a logo or logo package that can be used on all official case competition materials 
  • Make a sponsorship gift used to cover competition expenses, including prizes. 

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