Taylor Clark
Executive MBA, 2022

Taylor Clark

Director of Business Growth & Recruitment, REV Birmingham
Social Investment & Economic Impact


When Birmingham-native Taylor Clark decided to pursue an MBA, she knew she would have to find a well-respected program that not only fit her professional goals but also catered to her current life stage. For nearly 20 years, Taylor has been working at the intersection between social investment and economic impact, and finding the right program to help invest in her future was key in her decision to attend Goizueta.

“I believe cause and commerce can – and should – coexist to foster vibrancy. My choice to pursue my MBA was rooted in my desire to further purpose-driven initiatives, offering community perspective, and business acumen to guide social responsibility strategies and to make organizations financially and socially sustainable.”

Emory’s commitment to sustainability and social impact was a defining factor for Taylor. In fact, since joining the program, Goizueta has launched the Business & Society Institute, as well as the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. “I felt Goizueta was a place I could build on my own personal core values as a social impact executive.”

During her orientation, Taylor was coached about the transformation that was ahead. For her, the leadership coursework and team work have been life changing. “The financial acumen gained this far has changed the way I view my work in my current role; it has shaped the types of roles I feel confident pursuing. Overall, this content coupled with the soft skills gained in leadership courses had shifted how I lead teams, present ideas and value my own contribution.”

As she continues to navigate the program, Taylor has discovered the faculty are extremely invested inside and outside the classroom in making the ideas and issues she cares about part of the conversation.

That conversation hasn’t stopped with faculty, however. Taylor has been pleasantly surprised at the strong alumni network, as well as the friendships she has made during her time in the program.

“I am building relationships that will literally last a lifetime. The hybrid of friendship and professional encouragement is powerful. I had hoped for such, but these relationships have exceeded my expectations.”