Sebastian Pena
BBA/MSBA, 2020

Sebastian Peña

Consulting Analyst, Accenture


When Sebastian Peña entered the MS in Business Analytics program at Goizueta, he didn’t realize how instrumental the school’s connected network would be for his future career. “The Goizueta network is at the center of every major accomplishment in my career.” After a networking trip organized by the Career Management Center through alumni connections, Peña was able to land a formal internship. Additionally, when he was developing the Goizueta Data Analytics Club, every guest speaker from a cryptocurrency investment fund manager to a sales analytics specialist at Google were part of the Goizueta network. “Most recently, during my full-time job search, I was able to connect with managing directors and C-suite executives belonging to the alumni network at my top company and ultimately have their backing during my successful recruitment process.”

Whether it’s through lecture series, hosting conferences or networking opportunities, Peña discovered a variety of resources for students to grow their network. “Goizueta does an amazing job of instilling the value of networking and works tirelessly to provide students with opportunities to interact and meet with seasoned professionals. My biggest achievements during my undergraduate and graduate career at Goizueta have been directly connected to the alumni network.”

While Peña’s network has grown immensely since joining the program, he also feels equipped with the key skills to be successful in his career. “Goizueta's unrelenting focus on experience-based learning and expert faculty together have given me the tools to excel as I start my professional career in the world of analytics. The MSBA has taught me you are capable of so much more than you think. The program demands a level of commitment, dedication, responsibility, time management, quality and rigor which pushes you past your pre-conceived limits and sets the bar of personal expectation at an all-time high. I take this mentality as I start my professional career at Accenture, excited of what is to come and embracing the challenges ahead.”