Sanjoy Rath
Weekend Executive MBA, 2013

Sanjoy Rath

Enterprise Cloud Migration Leader, Dell EMC


Before attending business school, Sanjoy Rath was enjoying a career as an IT professional and product developer. But he longed to have a more complete understanding of the business needs behind IT infrastructure. “I wanted to understand how business works and translates into IT requirements,” he says.
In his first semester, Sanjoy began to grasp accounting and marketing concepts, and how they relate to his professional role. His Strategy class helped him understand business on a fundamental level. It also showed him that his own professional interests lie in healthcare and education.

But what really set Goizueta apart for Sanjoy was the network he found. “Before Goizueta, my involvement in networking was limited to LinkedIn and getting to know people at work,” he says. "But at Goizueta, I connected with classmates and professors. They helped me pave the way for an appointment to several boards in Atlanta, one of which is a significant player in healthcare."

At Goizueta, Sanjoy learned how to evaluate the maximum benefit IT development gives to a company’s bottom line — and how Goizueta’s stellar business education could contribute to his own success.