Keiylene Strickland Photo
MBA (One-Year), 2016

Keiylene Strickland

Senior Strategy Consultant, North Highland
Consulting Services


Comprehensive is the word Keiylene uses to describe the leadership development program at Goizueta. The required courses alone are superb training, she says, but Goizueta's leadership electives make it best in class. Being a Leadership Coaching Fellow gave Keiylene the opportunity to observe her peers and learn from them as she guided them through situations in which conflict couldn't be readily avoided.

"I am leaving business school so much further ahead than I ever could have imagined," says Keiylene. "We learned so much about our strengths and our weaknesses as teammates and as leaders, but the biggest takeaway was a greater sense of trust among our classmates."

Keiylene crafted three specific goals she wanted to accomplish during the course of her year at Goizueta: to develop as a leader, round out her business education inside and outside the classroom, and launch a career she was passionate about. This seemed like a foolproof plan.

As she looked back over the summer, she was successful in working toward her original goals and gratified to have done so in a way that yielded greater personal insights. Keiylene saw the immediate value in having definitive ambitions and criteria for success. However, the greatest lesson she learned was the value in balancing competing objectives to craft a path, thus allowing her to wor toward her ultimate objective: to make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.