Kadri Ozen Photo
Executive MBA, 2015

Kadri Ozen

Public Affairs, Strategic Communications, and Sustainability Consultant


With a journalism and medical background, Kadri had experience working with Fortune 500 companies managing public affairs and communication around the world. He had always traveled internationally for work and managed various global businesses. However, he knew an MBA would catapult him to the next level and chose the Executive MBA Program because of its flexibility with his schedule.

“I was representing my company in more than 90 countries. With such a hectic travel schedule, a flexible MBA program wasn’t a desire; it was a necessity. With nicely scheduled residency terms every eight to 10 weeks, I knew when I should be in Atlanta and was able to plan all my work-related travels and commitments accordingly. Despite frequently having a seven-hour time difference from the rest of my classmates, the blended learning format enabled me to be a strong contributor and fully utilize the collaborative nature of the program.”

Not only was Kadri able to gain a business perspective, he was also able to share his global perspective with his classmates. Even while jetting across different time zones, Kadri was able to complete his MBA as well as the Business of Healthcare Seminar Series, an optional concentration available to healthcare professionals. In this way, he embarked on a new chapter in his career as vice president, Global External Affairs — where all his skills came together.