Daniel Forrest EvMBA 2021
MBA (Evening), 2021

Daniel Forrest

Senior Manager, Planning & Strategic Projects, The Coca-Cola Company


When Daniel Forrest decided to earn a graduate business degree, he not only wanted to learn more about how a business operated, he desired a degree that would help him transition his career from supply chain to strategy. Daniel found what he was looking for by having the opportunity to work in a global strategy role during most of his time in Goizueta’s Evening MBA. “This turned out to be a huge blessing because I was able to use every piece of information that I learned in my time at Goizueta the next day after I learned it. If it is possible for future students, while studying your MBA, I highly recommend having a role that allows you to see across the business you work for because this will allow you to apply what you learn the next day.”

His global experience allowed him to meet students across programs who were working in various industries and companies all over the world. “I have truly enjoyed the friendships I have made during my time at Goizueta.”

Daniel’s network only grew stronger during his time in the program, particularly when he experienced a medical incident that made it difficult to physically attend and participate in classes and group meetings. “Thanks to the outpouring of support from Emory's professors, my Emory Cohort and the Evening MBA faculty, I was able to complete the semester and learn the material."

While Daniel enjoyed getting to know many professors during his time in the program, he was pleasantly surprised at how many professors reciprocated the notion. “This is incredible because most of them teach during the day, and they teach at night to the evening students. I am still amazed that these professors take the time to individually get to know their students even after having a full day's work.”