Brody Craven Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2017

Brody Craven

Senior Associate, KPMG
Consulting Services


After earning an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, Brody worked four years with Milliken & Company, where he was progressing; however, he wanted to be considered for positions outside manufacturing. As he researched MBA programs, Brody felt a strong sense of fit with Goizueta. "Of course, the prestige of the school helps, as do the excellent career placement statistics."

Brody's IMPACT course was Marketing Strategy. Working on a project with Orkin related to customer profitability, Brody discovered that "ambiguity was in the room with us from the beginning" in that everyone understood the problem and its scope differently. As Team Lead, Brody's task was to create one songbook.

In his working life, he has seen projects given to students that don't occupy a high priority in the company. In the case of Orkin, "The company had high expectations of us, which made our experience more meaningful. There's no better teacher than first-hand experience, and that's what IMPACT delivers." Brody also served on the IMPACT leadership board - second year, full-time students who helped craft the vision for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Starting at KPMG this summer, Brody believes that the consulting experience will round out his background in engineering and operations and set him up well for a senior-level management position within a company long-term.