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Anticipate trends and catch the next wave of innovation by learning to identify, capture, and evaluate data. Building a Data-Driven Strategy for the Future challenges you to examine current and emerging data science topics and explore the ways data and analytics are disrupting old business models and uncovering new opportunities for success.
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    For leaders requiring insight in business analytics
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Emory Executive Education

Go Further with Data Science

Over the course of two days, you will gain a leader’s perspective on the broad topic of business analytics and how to leverage insights from big data to your organization’s advantage. This course is ideal for modern executives who are increasingly reliant upon analytics to set and execute highly effective, forward-moving strategies. This course applies to the Business Analytics, Strategy & Innovation, and Excellence in Business certificates.

Today’s top executives need insight into the world of business analytics and data science. In this course, you’ll work with data-driven insights to develop a strategic business plan and inform decisions. You’ll explore the role of data science in machine learning, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence. And you’ll practice visualization techniques that make the data more relevant to a wider audience.

Professional Development Goals

  • Effective Strategy

    Develop a leader’s perspective on how to use current and emerging trends in data science to build effective business strategies.
  • Data-driven Innovation

    Explore how data and analytics are driving new business models and disruption and how to harness that power to your organization’s advantage.
  • Future Forecasting

    Learn how data and analytics can be used in everyday operations to help you anticipate and take advantage of upcoming industry shifts.


Explore what analytics and data science can do for your organization through our continuing education short course in data-driven strategy.

Marrying Technology and Strategy

Anandhi Bharadwaj
Featured Instructor

Anandhi Bharadwaj

Anandhi Bharadwaj is an information systems expert who brings a wide range of development and executive training experience to the classroom. Her research focuses on how information technology impacts organizations, understanding the business value of IT, internet commerce, and the effect of knowledge management technologies.

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