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Executive Communication & Leadership Presence shows you how to build confidence and inspire action among internal and external audiences with an effective, consistent messaging strategy and tactics for becoming a more observant and effective communicator. Learn how to guide your organization through any challenge or obstacle.
  • Number of Sessions

    On-campus: April 23-24
  • Number of Hours

    8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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    15% off with code ECLPEARLYBIRD2024; offer expires April 9, 2024
How it Works

Lead Boldly Into the Future

Enhance your own communication skills to become a stronger, more effective leader who can command any audience. Explore how clarity, structure, persuasion, and authority help build buy-in and navigate any situation.

The Executive Communication & Leadership Presence professional development course focuses on examining and expanding your communication skills and executive presence. You’ll come away with a comprehensive toolkit of strategies to use for message development and delivery. This course applies to the Certificate of Excellence in Business and the Roberto C. Goizueta Leadership Certificate.
How it Works
  • Crisis Communication Strategies

    Learn to address challenges with confidence and control and create a crisis control communication strategy.
  • Deliver the What, Why, How, and When

    Delve into the "Commander's intent" and how to utilize the core concepts of executive communication. Skillfully craft content and the structure of your messages.
  • Explore the Pillars of Leadership Presence

    Learn how to engage large organizations through communication and maintain alignment during change.

Professional Development Goals

  • Communicate Confidently

    Own your individual leadership style and design a compelling messaging strategy that delivers on the what, why, how, and when.
  • Read Any Room

    Develop a keen ability to assess the emotions and thoughts of your audience through a deeper understanding of nonverbal communication.
  • Manage a Crisis

    Learn how to deliver difficult messages that keep your organization solidly on course even through stressful situations.

Emory Executive Education Credentials

Digital badge and shield options

Upon successful completion of a course or a certificate you will earn a digital badge that will be emailed to you directly. You can showcase your Emory Executive Education credentials by adding your digital badge to your email signature, resume, personal website, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. These digital badges represent a visual certification that is embedded with data and will allow future employers to gain a better understanding of what you have learned.

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