Entrepreneurship Summit

April 2-3, 2020

The 6th Annual Emory Entrepreneurship Summit will be presented in conjunction with Goizueta Business School, Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management, Emory Impact Investing Group, and the Entrepreneur & Venture Club.

2020 Founders Address Speaker

michael loeb

The 2020 Emory Entrepreneur Summit will feature Michael Loeb as the Founders Address speaker.

Michael Loeb is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Loeb.nyc. After starting his career at Time, Inc., Michael co-founded the Synapse Group with then partner, Jay Walker. Under Michael’s direction, Synapse grew to become the largest seller of consumer magazine subscriptions worldwide, with its revolutionary and patented Continuous Service Model. Michael and Jay went on to form and incubate Priceline.com together at Synapse, leveraging a shared team of operators and capital.

When Synapse Group was sold to Time Warner in 2006, Michael formed Loeb Enterprises with partner, Rich Vogel to ideate and develop new business concepts. The largest of those ventures was ScriptRelief, a pharmacy discount provider that has a membership in excess of 12 million Americans.
In 2019, Loeb Enterprises rebranded to Loeb.nyc and boasts a portfolio of over 18 direct investments, most of which execute from Loeb.nyc headquarters in Manhattan. Under Michael’s visionary leadership, Loeb.nyc has established a new model for startup investments. By pairing exceptional strategic and executional talent with passionate founders, Loeb.nyc significantly de-risks startup launches.

Michael sits on the board of several non-profit organizations and is an avid philanthropist. He currently resides in New York City with his wife and children.

We are thrilled to welcome him to Goizueta!


Co-Founder, President and CTO at Plaid

William Hockey is the co-Founder, President and CTO at Plaid, the technology company providing the tools and access needed for the development of a fully modern, and digitally-enabled financial system. Plaid powers the financial experiences for a quarter of the US population and tens of thousands of developers across North America and Europe. After learning firsthand how difficult it was to build and scale a secure finance software, William and his co-founder Zach Perret started Plaid in 2012, creating a toolkit to encourage an inclusive and competitive ecosystem that drives innovation while protecting consumers’ financial data.

Plaid has raised over $300M in fundraising at over a $2.5b valuation and has witnessed exponential growth since its founding - today, one in four people in the US with bank accounts use Plaid. Prior to starting Plaid, William studied computer science and business at Emory University and worked as a consultant at Bain.


Founder, CEO BetterCloud

David Politis is the founder and CEO of BetterCloud, the first SaaS Management and Security platform, where he oversees the day-to-day activities of the company and is responsible for the overall product vision and business strategy. Over 2,500 companies in 60+ countries rely on BetterCloud for continuous event monitoring, threat remediation, and fully automated policy enforcement across their digital workplace. With 250+ employees in Atlanta, New York City, and San Francisco, BetterCloud has raised over $100 million to date from investors including Bain Capital Ventures and Accel. As a pioneer in the cloud services industry, David has vast experience launching and building high growth technology companies and an immense passion for enterprise cloud technology.

Before founding BetterCloud, David was an early employee of Cloud Sherpas (acquired by Accenture [NYSE: ACN]), a preeminent leader in cloud advisory and technology services. As the VP of SMB Solutions, David led Cloud Sherpas to become the leading cloud services partner to small and medium sized businesses worldwide. Prior to Cloud Sherpas, David was the founding employee and General Manager of Vocalocity (acquired by Vonage [NYSE: VG]), which he grew into one of the top providers of cloud PBX technology. As General Manager, David ran day to day operations and led the company’s product strategy.

David is a native of New York City and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Emory University. He has contributed to TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, Forbes, The New York Times and others.


If you're interested in speaking, sponsoring, judging, participating, or finding another way to get involved with the Summit, let us know!

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Map & Directions

The Summit will take place on campus at Emory University, with speakers and sessions held at Goizueta Business School. The opening keynote will be held in the Goizueta Business School Auditorium GBS 130 (on the first floor Goizueta Business School).


Goizueta Business School

1300 Clifton Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30322


Pitch The Summit Competition Rules

An elevator pitch verbally outlines an entrepreneurial concept or idea in a short period of time. It is typically three minutes in duration, which is symbolic of the amount of time one would have on an elevator ride to capture the attention of a potential investor in the concept. Paradoxically, it takes a lot longer to outline an idea that is not clearly formulated and thought-through than it does to present one about which you have a deep understanding. Thus, a successful elevator pitch requires significant prior thought and research and culminates in the ability to clearly and succinctly highlight the most compelling aspects of a proposed venture.