November 7-9, 2019

Inside Goizueta

Embracing the diversity of Thought, association, and purpose

Our Conference provides prospective students with a look into vibrant campus experiences and knowledge that uniquely distinguish the Goizueta MBA.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At Goizueta, diversity is a commitment to nurture -- and challenge -- the unique perspectives that will shape the future of business. It's a commitment to innovate in traditional fields and embrace emerging insights. It is the foundation of our intentions and actions. It is one of the core values by which we lead.

Join us during Inside Goizueta to experience our inclusive community and discover the value of a small school in a big city.

We aspire to create and sustain a community at Goizueta that is the best place to study and work. In support of this, we are committed to be a destination where all are respected, supported and valued. Goizueta has taken several important steps towards achieving this mission, including the adoption of a school-wide diversity vision statement, the appointment of a director of diversity and community initiatives, and the creation of a diversity committee.

Events and Programs

Goizueta offers a number of conferences and programs that provide leadership development, networking and mentorship for diverse students and professionals.

  • International Potluck
  • Women's Open House
  • Annual Diverse Leadership Conference
  • Annual Executive Women of Goizueta Conference
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Service Awards
University Resources

Emory University offers resources to support its diverse community.

Strategic Alliances

Goizueta actively participates in increasing the representation of women and minorities in business schools and corporations by partnering with several national organizations, including:

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee was created in January, 2005 by Tom Robertson, former Dean. This committee's mission is to offer recommendations that help create a positive culture of inclusion, respect, communication, learning, and skill building for Goizueta community members. The committee operates under four guiding principles: inclusiveness, evaluation, institutionalization, and shared responsibility. Chaired by Earl Hill, Senior Lecturer in Organization and Management, the Diversity Committee includes representation from the faculty, students and staff. The diversity committee crafted the School's diversity vision statement that has been adopted by Goizueta. The committee will continue to explore ways and methods of evaluating our progress toward achieving our vision.

A Word from Our Students


Bold, welcoming, dynamic, and thoroughly innovative. Atlanta is third in the nation for Fortune 500 headquarters and home to some of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. It’s also one of the country’s top tech hubs. Goizueta is connected to it all – and you will be too. If you’re ready to learn how to be a business innovator in a global city, this is it. Go disrupt. Go create. Go reimagine. Go beyond.
  • City for Young Entrepreneurs

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  • TV and Film Industry Revenue

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Inside Goizueta FAQ

Prospective students interested in attending Inside Goizueta must complete a registration form by October 18, 2019. Registrations will be confirmed by email within ten business days of receipt. 

Your Inside Goizueta registration confirmation, or requests for additional information, will be sent to you via email within ten business days of receipt.

Since space is limited, priority is given to participants who have not attended a previous Inside Goizueta. All previous attendees who register to attend this year will be confirmed if space if available.

It is recommended that you attend Inside Goizueta in the year that you plan to apply for business school.

Prospective students invited to Inside Goizueta are expected to arrive at or before 3:00 PM Thursday and attend all the events on Thursday through noon Saturday. The Thursday and Friday late night events are optional.

Yes. All attendees who request an interview on their registration form will have the opportunity to complete their admissions interview on Thursday, November 7. Instructions for scheduling your admissions interview will be provided in your confirmation email.

Yes, you will have exposure to the large Goizueta and Atlanta communities during Inside Goizueta.

Yes, Goizueta pays for lodging, meals during scheduled activities, and ground transportation during the event. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from Atlanta and other incidentals such as room service and parking.

How Do You Say "Goizueta"?

Members of the Goizueta Business School community explain how they pronounce "Goizueta" in recognition of the school's namesake, Roberto C. Goizueta.

Questions about Inside Goizueta

Contact our MBA Admissions staff.