Evening MBA, 2020

Sheereen Brown

Business Analyst, The Task Force for Global Health


A business analyst for the Task Force for Global Health, Sheereen Brown is lucky enough to be doing, in her words, “high-impact, meaningful work around the world.”

Take her first semester in the Evening program as an example. Sheereen was slated to spend 14 days in Zambia meeting with Ministry of Health officials. She worried about the impact of the travel on her coursework.

“My fellow students and professors at Goizueta understood the nature of being a full-time professional,” she says. “I was able to access class lecture notes and coordinate with my team via calls and video chats. Given the flexibility built into the Evening program, both the Zambia trip and my first semester were successful.”

The kind of support that Sheereen experienced for her travel is broadly felt at Goizueta, where a cohort-based community facilitates close interactions with classmates, faculty, and staff. Even better, there is no expiration date; these relationships endure long after graduation.

Sheereen points to the Leader’s Reaction Course, which she describes as “a genius design for a first semester [activity].” As she reflects, “we needed that interaction to form strong bonds to get us through our first weeks of rigorous study.” The exciting diversity of perspective that her fellow students bring has meant new insights for the way she approaches business challenges. “I already have taken their insights with me from the classroom to the office in order to achieve the best results for my clients,” Sheereen says.

That degree of openness is a critical component of success at Goizueta. In Sheereen’s estimation, “Goizueta is chock-full of resources, opportunities, and experiences to make the next couple of years some of the best of your life. Don’t come here just to be in lectures and complete assignments. Immerse yourself.”