Mike  Garitty Photo
Evening MBA, 2013

Mike Garitty

Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy, Citrix


Work/life/school balance isn’t an oxymoron in Emory’s Evening MBA. Structuring our program to move at the speed you need means making time for the milestones in life.

For Mike, Goizueta was a springboard into an exciting and opportunistic industry. Eager to move into a new role, Mike accelerated his track to complete the program in slightly more than 24 months. Says Mike, “While my time at Goizueta was intense, I learned more from my 80+ classmates, both personally and professionally, than I ever had at my previous job. Studying during lunch breaks and working through the weekends was challenging, sure — but if you just want to learn stuff, go read a book. The value of a Goizueta Evening MBA is in the classroom environment, the team projects, and the time spent with your peers.”