One of Atlanta’s most unexpected real estate development trends is the rapid growth of the state’s film and television production industry. When movie companies first began coming to the state, they desired scenic locations in the North Georgia Mountains.

The passage of Georgia’s film tax credit—coupled with other states repealing their own—has transformed Georgia into the third-biggest film capital in the nation after Hollywood and New York. The rush of productions has created a $2.2 billion industry (direct spend) in the state, but with an economic impact of $7 billion. This comes with the rapid growth of film studios, such as Tyler Perry’s facilities in South Atlanta and Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville. More studios are being built throughout the state in places like Covington and Savannah.

Lynn Hylden 16EMBA, producer at Atlanta-based POPfilms, has seen that growth first-hand. “I think that the growing investment in infrastructure in terms of production stages, crew, available gear, and technology and the reputation of Atlanta as being a friendly and overall great place to bring production to, is really helping sell Georgia to the studios and big decision-makers in Los Angeles,” she told Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Her company has produced three television series and two movies in its 100,000-square- foot warehouse, which used to be a Staples distribution center.

They operate as a third-party production company, working with the major networks and film and television production companies. The pace can be grueling, involving long hours on set and in post-production. There are budgetary pressures too.

“I do a lot of money management at an operations level, working with attorneys and accountants from the studios and networks,” Hylden said.

She credits Goizueta with helping her to work more efficiently and effectively in an industry that requires speed and perfection.

“The school gave me a concrete way to think about problems and solutions – the budgeting, marketing and negotiation process,” she said. “In many ways, we are making and selling a product. We operate as entrepreneurs.”