Adlai Pappy Photo
MD/MBA (One-Year), 2019

Adlai Pappy

Research Assistant, Emory Pituitary Center


A former swimmer on an Ivy League championship team, Adlai knows something about how to pull ahead of his competitors. Looking to balance medical school and an MBA, Adlai found Goizueta’s health care consulting and entrepreneurship concentration especially appealing as he considered schools.

A class visit sealed the deal. Adlai could see “how professors such as Charlie Goetz conducted classes in a way that allowed for ample discussion and experiential learning. Keeping classes small really allows students to get to know professors.”

Adlai has a special interest in pain treatments and neurological disorders, dating from the time that his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Aware of innovative treatments for a variety of these diseases, Adlai is equally cognizant of what he calls “large disparities among socioeconomic classes in terms of access to these efficacious yet expensive physicians and treatments.”

As a result, he has worked to raise awareness, improve treatment, and lessen the disparities associated with neurodegenerative diseases. His MBA will help by improving his ability to manage interdisciplinary medical teams, view health care problems analytically, and tackle them through applying the full range of hard and soft skills he is learning.

Beyond the significant career advantage his Goizueta career will provide, Adlai says, “I know that this program will help me create a lasting network of fantastic individuals who will help each other in their careers for the rest of our lives.”