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An evolving and innovative portfolio of curricular and co-curricular resources, from theoretical to applied, guides students in developing the skills, knowledge, and mindset they will need, in their innovation & entrepreneurship aspirations.

Aspirational Pathways

  • Entrepreneurship

    Start or join a startup
  • Social Enterprise

    Maximizing profits while maximizing benefits to society
  • Intrapreneurship

    Corporate innovation, growth and scaling, mergers & acquisitions, or spinoffs
  • Early Stage investing & Private Equity

    Be (or work with) early-stage investors and venture funds

Emory Partners

There a number of curricular and co-curricular learning experiences that go beyond the books. This is especially important for entrepreneurship and innovation skills. A few examples include:

  • “Entrepreneurship practicum” course, in which students work with startups on projects, and pipeline startups for the investing Forum
  • A set of IMPACT (strategy capstone) courses: select “strategic valuation” and “strategic management” clients are focused on innovation or are startups.
  • AHIA (Advancing Healthcare Innovation in Africa) - Students, faculty, and African Innovators convene annually in South Africa for a symposium to help grow and commercialize ideas
  • Custom directed study (often focused on a new business idea) is also offered to allow students to work on entrepreneurial and innovative work.

Recently Offered Courses

Goizueta offers an evolving and innovative portfolio of more than 15 different courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The courses, which range from introductory to advanced, theoretical to applied, guide in developing the skills, knowledge, and mindset they will need, whether founding or joining a startup, or innovating within established firms, at any point in their career.

  • Entrepreneurial Accounting
  • Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Valuation: Theory & Practice of Valuing a Business
  • Entrepreneurial Practicum
  • Entrepreneurial Private Equity Perspectives from Practitioners
  • Appcology: New Commerce Infrastructure
  • Think, Code, Make
  • Innovation in a World Gone Digital
  • Marketing Intelligence & Customer Insights
  • Research & Development Lab course
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
  • Leading for Creativity & Innovation
  • Applied Entrepreneurship
  • Applied Lean Startup
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

Research & Featured Faculty

The Center supports innovative research and curriculum. Our multi-disciplinary faculty and staff collaborate on curricular and co-curricular content so that students are well-prepared for the complex and ever-morphing challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation. We have a balanced mix of faculty from academic fields as well as experienced entrepreneurs.
Giacomo Negro
Professor of Organization & Management; Goizueta Term Chair, Organization & Management; Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)

Atlanta Tech Village

Goizueta sponsors an in-town incubator, with co-working space and conference areas at the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) that fosters serendipitous interactions with hot startups in Atlanta. Winners of "Pitch the Professors" gain space.

Careers, Internships, and Experience

We encourage students to work at startups, apprentice at early-stage investors, and get a hand at pipelining startups at incubators. We can help you identify what’s right for you and work through our partners and through the CMC to find the right experience.

Collaborative Ecosystem

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