Statement of Values

Goizueta Business School values diversity, equity, and inclusion for every person without exception. This commitment uplifts individuals, enriches communities, and advances our mission to prepare principled leaders.

As researchers, we seek equitable solutions to the issues of today and tomorrow through the conscientious pursuit of relevant, complex, and unexplored research questions. As educators, we challenge our students to act with unyielding integrity and celebrate one another’s unique strengths in a supportive yet rigorous learning environment. As community partners, we build strategic collaborations that extend our contributions throughout academia and society. Individually and collectively, we promote accountability, respect, and altruism throughout our institution.

Through teaching, research, and service, we continually deepen our understanding of the world and our impact upon it, thereby improving our stewardship of the resources – both physical and intangible – that have been entrusted to us. We instill in our students a foundation of values upon which they add their voice to drive lasting change.

Our namesake guided us to “teach business the way it will be” rather than "reflect business the way it is." This charge applies equally to the business world and the world at large. To bring about improvement in both, we nurture potential while recognizing, acknowledging, and seeking to change that which inhibits potential: prejudice and inequality.

Informed by Atlanta’s history and Emory University’s place within it, our decidedly anti-racist stance and stride propel us forward. Goizueta’s past and purpose are built upon positively influencing the world of business, an aim inextricable from positively influencing society itself.

By rejecting the impediments of progress and fostering broad acceptance, Goizueta is committed to effecting meaningful change, helping every individual and all industries realize that which we can, should, and will be.