After a turn in human resources for a diesel engine manufacturer, Ryanne decided to attend business school. “I knew I wanted to become a leader in whatever company I worked for. I needed a foundational knowledge of business overall, and an MBA was a way to accelerate that,” she says. Goizueta impressed her from the get-go.

Navigating the requirement of business school, plus trying to land the crucial internship can be challenging, she admits. “I think Emory does a great job of giving you time to reflect and explore things that you might be interested in,” she says. “Through clubs, professional development, company visits, having your career coach help you identify your strengths and gaps, and working through the program office to figure out what’s needed to address those gaps, the process feels like a holistic experience rather than one that’s more siloed.”

For Ryanne, this process meant abandoning a plan to switch her career to marketing. Rather, she discovered a passion for human capital consulting, which expands the traditional HR role she once held. Goizueta’s IMPACT curriculum showed her how much she enjoyed the challenge of tackling complex projects by breaking them down and creating a structured approach to solving them. “There’s a creativity that has to come into play,” she says. It’s for the people who like to color outside the lines or begin with a blank sheet of paper.” Or for those, like Ryanne, who are smart enough to know that in art and business perspective is everything.