Online Workshop Delivery: March 18 & 25, 2021

Crafting Communication for Influence & Impact


Give your stakeholders the confidence and clarity to make decisions and take action. Learn to share your insights in a way that lets the audience absorb both the stated recommendation and everything behind it. In this course, you will be provided with our proprietary “5-S Model of Influential Communication” that will help you change the thinking of the audience in ways that will alter their decisions and actions as well as give them motivation to act with the appropriate level of urgency.
  • Number of Sessions

    Online: March 18 & 25, 2021
  • Number of Hours

    8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern
  • Course Investment*

    Eligible for 15% Early Bird Special until Feb. 28, 2021| Discount Code: EarlyBird

Course Takeaways

  • Connect the Story to the Strategy

    Communication should tell the story we need in order to move the audience to decide and act accordingly. Develop a comprehensive strategy for your communication to ensure you achieve your desired result.
  • Let the Story Drive the Slides

    Slides play an intentional role in directing and holding the audience’s attention. Use the storyboard tool as a device to organize the story and the team.
  • Craft Slides to Promote Understanding

    Slides are not merely pages waiting for content. Learn how to make the appropriate trade-offs between using text, concept visuals, tables, and quantitative charts to ensure your message is delivered clearly and persuasively.

Influence Your Audience

Through examples, group work, and coaching, you will learn how to craft influential communications that give your audience the clarity and confidence to make decisions and take action.

How It Works

This online course will deliver 6 hours of interactive “classroom” learning (8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. each class day). You will complete some pre-work in advance of each “classroom” session.
  • Set the Communication Strategy

    Define the communication goals and develop the strategy to achieve them including conducting audience analysis, making format choices, and finalizing the focus and mix of communications required.
  • Scaffold the Story

    Create the structure for the story, draft the storyline, and sketch the prototypical slides and navigation.
  • Create the Slides

    Design the slide template and make intentional trade-offs between slide content options of text, concept visuals, tables, and quantitative charts.
  • Stress-test the Communication

    Ensure message clarity by making sure that the thoughts and language are articulated as intended; edit, edit, edit, and ensure a cohesive, well-crafted document is the result.
  • Showtime! Practice and Engage

    Remember that the delivery is just as important as the content. Connect with your audience by authentically communicating content with a high level of authority, energy and commitment.

Featured Instructor

Lynne Segall B&W
Associate Dean of Goizueta IMPACT & Senior Lecturer in Organization & Management

Lynne Segall

Lynne G. Segall serves as Associate Dean of Goizueta IMPACT and as a Senior Lecturer in Organization & Management. IMPACT is a core part of the Goizueta MBA experience, designed to provide MBA students with both classroom and field experiences to learn and apply practical frameworks and systematic processes to address complex, real-world problems and facilitate effective action. In this role, Dean Segall leads the overall strategic direction for Goizueta’s project-based experiential learning programs including developing and teaching core courses, cultivating client relationships with the business community, and supporting Goizueta IMPACT360 elective faculty to ensure meaningful student and client experiences. Associate Dean Segall joined Goizueta in July 2015 after almost 16 years at Accenture.

Featured Instructor

Patrick Noonan B&W
Professor Emeritus in the Practice of Information Systems and Operations Management

Patrick Noonan

Patrick S. Noonan is Professor Emeritus in the Practice of Information Systems & Operations Management. He served as Goizueta’s first Associate Dean for Management Practice Initiatives (now “Goizueta IMPACT”) from 2012-2015, and as Assistant Dean and Director of MBA Programs from 1996-2000. He came to Emory in 1993 from the faculty of the Harvard Business School, where he had earned his PhD. in Decision Sciences. He also holds a BS in Engineering & Applied Science and an MBA, both from Yale University. His academic field is "decision analysis," which draws on both the wisdom and the analytical methodologies of economics, psychology, statistics, sociology and engineering to provide prescriptions for improving decision making in business, in the professions, in health sciences, in politics and in life.

High Impact Communications that get Results

Today’s top executives influence stakeholders through well-crafted communications that provide the clarity and confidence to move forward. This course is ideal for executives seeking to increase their overall impact.

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