Steven Lubow Photo
EvMBA, 2016

Steven Lubow

Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company
Consulting Services


In the Goizueta Evening MBA, we can help you create a career plan β€” whether you want to accelerate your current career or switch into a new career. Though Steve had thought he wanted to stay with his employer, he quickly realized that Goizueta could be used as an inflection point to make a change.

β€œAt Goizueta, the curriculum is varied and designed to support those professionals looking for a change in their career as well as those looking to advance within their current organization. The Graduate Career Management Center was supportive from the beginning by working with me to make an exciting change.”

With the Graduate Career Management Center, you'll find dedicated support along whatever path you choose. Through one-on-one coaching, career-topic workshops, or tailored networking events, we provide you with access to faculty, industry, and MBA alumni connections that help you as you create your career plan.

β€œAs a Goizueta alum, I plan to remain active with the community because it is my obligation to help current students grow their professional careers β€” the same way the MBA and CMC helped me β€” and continue to strengthen the Goizueta brand.”

Whether you are exploring a career transition, managing a career challenge, or simply refreshing your brand through a new resume and LinkedIn profile, our coaching team can provide the expertise and resources to give your professional image a competitive edge.

"Initially, I thought that it was just recruitment rhetoric, but, after being in the program, I see that everyone from the program office, to the CMC, to the faculty, have the students best interest in mind at all times.Β  It truly makes my time at Emory enjoyable and a makes for a great learning environment."