Ryan Trepte Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2019

Ryan Trepte

Consultant, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


Ryan came to Goizueta with a desire to strengthen his knowledge of business strategy and general management. He also wanted to expand his leadership skills and professional network as he sought a career switch. “I went into the application process feeling that the two-year program would provide me with ample opportunities to reflect on my prior work experience as I sought to transition from a finance career into strategy consulting,” he says.

Goizueta’s first-semester emphasis on business fundamentals did the trick. “Front loading the core classes has provided my classmates and me with a shared foundation that allows a degree of optionality for the remainder of the MBA program,” he says. He’s already begun to explore some of his interests through elective courses such as Forecasting and Predictive Analytics, Consumer Behavior, and Financial Statement Analysis.  Outside of class, he’s tackled a “mini-case” involving agricultural drones and participated in workshops ranging from storytelling to presentation design.

For Ryan, his coursework has led to all kinds of unexpected networking benefits. “Through assignments and class meetings, I have forged great relationships with faculty that have continued beyond the end of a specific course,” he says. Through these and other connections, he’s been able to explore opportunities both within and beyond Goizueta. Emory’s brand, he says, extends the breadth and depth of Goizueta’s network across organizations large and small throughout Atlanta, the nation, and the globe. It will be those connections from the start that will launch him to a successful new career.