Rachel Chon
BBA & BA - Music Performance (Piano), 2019

Rachel Chon

Financial Analyst, American Express


Rachel came to Emory as a music major focused on piano performance. “I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 and have pursued it at a high level throughout my school years. My appreciation for music and its communicative power has only continued to deepen as I’ve grown older, so it was an obvious choice to continue playing the piano in college.”

Rachel ultimately chose to combine the best of a liberal arts university with a top-ranked business program by pursuing a double major in Music and Business. She applied to Goizueta’s BBA program with a focus in finance after she realized that finance is what drives everything. “Whether it’s an individual’s personal finances, the financial outlook of a company, or the condition of the global economy, finance helps us decide whether certain initiatives are feasible and helps us explain and troubleshoot for those that are not.” Rachel also opted to pursue a focus in accounting so she could dive deeper into the technical financial language of business and into the details of large-scale financial transactions.

In her sophomore year, prior to starting in the BBA program, she spent a semester in Korea studying the language and becoming a more fluent speaker. When she returned, she threw herself into finance and business classes and a finance internship with American Express.

After graduating with highest honors in music and High Distinction from the BBA Program, Rachel began a full-time job in finance with American Express. She attributes her success in finding and landing a position that’s right for her to the support of Goizueta’s faculty and to programs like the Emory Impact Investing Group and Goizueta’s Career Management Center.