Morgan Bullock Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2019

Morgan Bullock

Associate Brand Manager, The Coca-Cola Company


Morgan saw the value of the Goizueta network right away. As an applicant, she met with a Two-Year MBA student over coffee. Their initial 20-minute meeting stretched to two hours. “After we parted ways, I continued to hear from her via text and email,” Morgan says. Her contact, who has since graduated, still keeps in touch.

Goizueta students benefit from our engaged and committed alumni as well as our location in Atlanta. “Simply put, Atlanta gives you access,” Morgan says. “I have been able to volunteer and network with alumni, attend panels and lectures held by industry affiliates and travel anywhere quickly.” Balancing her education with the opportunities for professional and cultural enrichment found in Goizueta’s hometown gives Morgan — and all our students — a powerful edge.